Inclusology Founder Raises $620,000 of their 1MM Seed Round, Opens Headquarters in Omaha

Dr. CI
2 min readNov 26, 2021
(Pictured from left to right, Nijel Ware, Tech Apprentice, Dr. Cheryl Ingram, CEO/Founder, Chris McMurray Green, Chief Technology Officer)

“Fundraising is no joke. I’ve submitted our pitch deck 171 times, pitched 77 times, and received 4 yes’s from both investors and early stage VCs. I’ve lost/fired two teams due issues such as a lack of funding and more. Finally, we are at a productive and sustainable place to launch a new version of our amazing product next year! It feels good to finally have a strong team and vision” said Dr. Cheryl Ingram, CEO and Founder of Inclusology, who has raised $620,000 of a 1 million dollar seed round that closes December 30, 2021.

Inclusology is a powerful SaaS platform that is reducing bias in the workplace and increasing employee retention by helping companies accelerate their DEI goals and strategies. The platform supports HR leaders in companies to conduct high quality DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) assessments, offers elearning modules, benchmarks performance, and recommends DEI solutions.

During a pandemic Dr. Cheryl Ingram was working nonstop to pitch to 10-15 investors a week. After numerous rejections, the founder was finally able to secure a good amount of funding. With the right team now in place, Inclusology is well on it’s way to becoming a major change agent for inclusion in the employee engagement and big data space. Ingram is calling this new innovative chapter of data analytics Diversity Tech.

In November of 2021, Inclusology launched their new offices in the downtown area of Omaha, Nebraska. “Our goal is to create more jobs with comfortable wages for the community of North Omaha. We are working to provide 5000 jobs that pay comfortable and livable wages in the next 5–10 years. I’m a native of Omaha and it is very important to me to support this community and help create generational wealth for our community” says Ingram. Ingram has goals to partner with local educational institutions and the Department of Economic Development to build accelerated tech certification programs to prepare the community for the jobs Inclusology will provide.

Inclusology has proven results in improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in workplace cultures. During beta testing, the software has had significant results. Inclusology has increased employee retention by 75%, especially for underrepresented and underestimated populations and significantly decreased cases of discrimination complaints by 15% within 9 months of implementation.

We’re grateful for all of our investors who believe in and see our vision. Invest Nebraska is the leading investor for this round. “This is the first of many rounds and we know we are going to continue making huge strides in helping people create more inclusive workplaces,” says Ingram.

Inclusology is currently hiring sales professionals to prepare for its February 2021 launch. If you’d like to support Inclusology’s fundraising campaign you can donate to their iFundWomen Campaign.



Dr. CI

Dr. Cheryl Ingram aka Dr. CI, is a very successful entrepreneur, blogger, content creator and expert of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.