Important Questions We All Must Ask Ourselves After This Election

Questions lead to thought, which then leads many of us to action. If you are surprised by the outcomes of this election here are a few questions to journal down and answer as we move into 2021:

  1. Where have I caused harm? — This question is important because what is helpful to us could be harmful to others. We need clarity moving forward. This is how change begins and remains sustainable.
  2. What’s my role in fixing this mess? — Whether you are a CEO, full time student, Admin, Engineer, Therapist or whatever every role matters in creating a more fair and just world. What’s your responsibility personally and professionally?
  3. How do I show up moving forward? — What did you do this year and in the last 4–5 years that has made a change in your life or the life of someone else whether big or small.
  4. What do I need for support?- What looks and feels like support for you. And to go back to question 1- is it perpetuating harm for someone else? Harm is a controversial term but a mutual feeling. You have to know whether your are receiving or projecting it or both. This will help you answer the next question.
  5. Is there a chance that support for me, means harm for someone else? The idea of help and hope can cause us to expect that someone needs what we do to feel like we want to feel. This is not the case! Supporting someone and giving them help should not be done with the intention of assimilation. Now is the time to stop trying to make people more like you!
  6. What factors in my everyday life caused me to underestimate the outcome of the presidential election? — Many of us walk through the world with blinders on. We learned this in 2016 when there were populations extremely devastated and surprised by the outcome of the presidential election. Now is the time to work on exposure. Exposing yourself to spaces that can help you remove those blinders and be more informed as we continue to fix this mess we are in as a country.

Now is the time to get informed so that we can transform. These questions will help you evaluate where you currently are in your journey.

Dr. Cheryl Ingram aka Dr. CI, is a very successful entrepreneur, blogger, content creator and expert of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.

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