Blind Loyalty: A Fallacy of Hate and Harm

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Human beings are dedicated to standing in our truths. Our truths are often shaped by our direct and indirect experiences, our false truths on the other hand, are shaped by a lack of experience and refusal to acknowledge that other experiences are valid. A false truth is also shaped by an unwillingness to want to shift our understanding and lens due to a fear of being seen as incompetent. Throughout this article, I will refer to the those who practice an unwillingness to shift as the Stand Stillas(SS). I will refer to those of us who practice consciousness and are willing to expand our knowledge as Continual Learners (CL), just as an FYI this article will focus mainly on the SS group. So, let’s get back to the subject at hand.

By now, you are probably wondering what this has to do with a diversity blog? Well…. I believe that the creation of our identities and the power and privileges related to them creates blind loyalty. Blind loyalty is the fallacy that an action or an argument is right because a respected leader or parent, adult, boss commanding officer etc. says its right. I would also add an equity lens to this definition and say we also practice blind loyalty through the normalization of our own identities that create commonalities, even if the loyalty is laced in ignorance, prejudice, and bigotry. For example, let’s look at our current president, Donald Trump, and his following.

Yesterday, I was watching an episode of The Turks, when I received the inspiration to write this article. A reporter was out on the streets at a Trump rally and was speaking with a group of his supporters, no matter what she said even if it was supported by facts they disagreed with her and supported his stance and perpetuated the racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia rhetoric that is practiced. They leaned heavily on the notion of fake news, and continued to state false truths through their blind loyalty.

As I watched this debauchery take place I thought about the notions of privilege and power. There is also an extreme fear of losing power, and when this happens members of the SS group become angry, and usually exhibit behavior that is harmful to others, both directly and indirectly. We have seen it perpetuated through both speech and action. Like when a White supremacist walks into a church or a synagogue and kills innocent people due this false notion of artificial power and substantial privilege.

Blind loyalty relates directly to our oppressions, privileges, and the recurrent perpetuation of harm that occurs in relation to our social identities. It has been created through false truths and perpetuated by what I will call social identity ignorance. If you see a human being who is struggling with blind loyalty in relation to social identity ignorance, here is my one recommendation:

1. Do not attempt to argue with them or try to convince them otherwise through the use of facts- Their ignorance in rooted in their false truth and indirect experience. Trust me it’s not worth your time and your energy.

They have to find their own way out of the dark, if you want to truly help, provide a map for them when they are ready. If they never decide to get ready, keep it pushing, for they will always be lost. The hard part about watching those who are lost, is that their misguidance is usually a direct causation of our oppression and discrimination.

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