After COVID19: 5 Tips for Building a More Inclusive Normal

First, in this article I want to recognize that the current state of work should be labeled “working remotely during a pandemic.” The current circumstances are not the same as working from home. Working from home is an accommodation provided to employees per their request or remote positions. Working remotely during a pandemic is when the world is in a state of emergency that requires workplaces to shift for the purpose of employee and client/consumer safety. Working from home is voluntary and working remotely due to a pandemic is involuntary.

With that being said, the culture of the workplace is shifting due to this involuntary accommodation. While this crisis has created unspeakable tragedy in our communities and highlighted extreme inequities and inequalities we are all left asking the question, “what does the future of work look like and what will it take to rebuild it at this time?” Here are 5 tips to help you start the process:

In our line of work at Inclusology, we are focusing on the use of our platform to help companies build a more inclusive normal workplace. My offer here is to help you create systems like we are building our technology to build and sustain at this time. If you would like more information contact us directly at

Be well.

Be safe.

Be open.

Be inclusive.


Dr. CI

Dr. Cheryl Ingram aka Dr. CI, is a very successful entrepreneur, blogger, content creator and expert of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.

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