We all enter into conversations for a number of different reasons, but our intentions often vary. The intentions we have during the act of conversation are formed around our need to be heard or the need we have to hear another person out. After witnessing the recent mockery of a…

(Pictured from left to right, Nijel Ware, Tech Apprentice, Dr. Cheryl Ingram, CEO/Founder, Chris McMurray Green, Chief Technology Officer)

“Fundraising is no joke. I’ve submitted our pitch deck 171 times, pitched 77 times, and received 4 yes’s from both investors and early stage VCs. I’ve lost/fired two teams due issues such as a lack of funding and more. Finally, we are at a productive and sustainable place to launch…

Some of you read this title and made a few assumptions and they probably went something like this:

  • What is she going to say that Black people are lacking now?
  • Who is this article going to blame for the shortcomings of Black people?
  • As a Black person, what am I…

Cheryl Ingram

Dr. Cheryl Ingram aka Dr. CI, is a very successful entrepreneur, blogger, content creator and expert of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.

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